Tuesday, September 29, 2009

photo album from 9/26/09

Saturday I arrived at the causeway around 5:30. Art was on the water, Dino and Ron were rigging. I rigged a 10.5 and was hesitant to go out, the wind was pretty light. The first hour was tough, you really had to hunt for a gust and it seemed more like work. So I started back for the causeway, it was getting dark and then the wind came up a bit. We had 15 minutes of decent wind before calling it quits.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

After work I headed to the causeway, Art and David were on the water and Dino was rigging. The wind was out of the SE. tide was high and the sky was partly cloudy. We buzzed all over the place and had a blast, check out the above video.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

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Monday after work I went down to the causeway, rigged a 10.5 on the formula board. Dino and Art were out on the water and the wind was kind of fading. I started on the north side of the island but headed south because Dino indicated that there was more wind there. I made some runs but the wind was light. It was nice because there weren't any storms lurking about.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

photo album 9/12/9


windsurfing video from 9/12/09

Weeds wind and lightning

Its been three weeks since I have been sailing. As I was crossing the causeway I didn't see any sails on the water and when I got to the parking lot Art was sitting in his van with all his gear stowed..... not a good sign. A storm was building to the SW, our only chance for wind. Art measured the wind at 3 - 5. Dino showed up and Ron T was on his way. After 20 minutes or so the wind started to show signs of life so I rigged a 10.5 on the formula board. Art was heading out on his 7.5 and the wind was starting to fill in. In short order I wished I had rigged the 8.5 but I figured it wouldn't last long. It ended up blowing for a couple of hours. At times the lightning was on two sides of us and their were big patches of weeds near the channel.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

The wind has been light lately and it doesn't look like tropical storm Erika is going to help out.

Dino came across the following web page and it looks like this blog has a following. James Douglas's blog is listed as well. Click the following link:

Also Clyde posted on the forum recently about a new online magazine, "Windsurfing International". Available 24/7, totally free and it includes videos! Click the following:

Thats all the news from the Treasure Coast, where the wind has been light and the windsurfers are above average.