Monday, August 27, 2012

TS Isaac

We had a pretty good time on the water. The Jensen wind history shows it blew 25 - 35 ESE for most of the day. We sailed on the west island, south side on an incoming tide. It was heavily overcast with bands of rain coming through. At times it was hard to see with the rain pelting against your face. My first session was on a 6.0 with my 92L wave board and then later on I put the same sail on my 88L slalom board. We pretty much sailed south of the island. Way down at the south end it was fairly flat with solid wind and made for some fast jibing. I did sail the channel twice down past the spoil island, the channel would have been awesome if the tide was low. I should have rigged a 5.2 later in the day, but it was good.  Ron, Dorian, Art, David, Dino, Mat, Dennis and a friend of Dennis sailed.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Surprisingly good afternoon sail.

The wind these past three weeks has been lacking, to say the least. When SUP starts looking like an exciting sport you know the wind has been light for too long. Today was forecast to be the same but for some reason around 3:00 the wind switched from a light west wind to south at 18 to 23 mph and stayed up for almost 4 hours. Dino. Ron and Dick were on the water when I arrived at 5:00. I rigged a 7.0 on the Bic and was nicely powered, it was a fun afternoon.