Thursday, December 11, 2014

Whoo Hoo, Sailing Again!

I finally was able to sail this past Sunday afternoon. The wind came up late in the afternoon out of the North. Ron and I sailed out of the Mansion at Riverside Park. I had 2 expectations either I would end up back on crutches or be pleasantly surprised and fortunately it was the later. I rigged a 7.0 and was fairly well powered. Ron was on a 92L and a 6.5. My ankle was a bit tender, I sailed for 45 minutes and all my jibes were dry.

Friday, December 5, 2014

East Wind Blew All Week

We had a high pressure system set up off our coast which provided an east wind. It did push frequent rain cells through so it was a wet week as well. I was at the causeway around 3:00 pm on Monday. The wind had just dropped and Brandon was stuck and had a long swim in. I am still hobbling around on a sprained ankle and found out Jon sprained his playing volleyball. Art, Ron, Rolf, and Clark had been on the water.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Art, He Da Man!

I pulled this off Jeff's Facebook page, thanks Jeff.

Windy Week

On Monday 11/17 we had another cold front push through. The wind stayed up all week as it clocked around to the east and then the south. I talked to Ron T and he said Monday they launched from the mansion as the wind blew straight down the river. Saturday I could hear the wind chime banging in my backyard all day with an east wind blowing. My ankle is still a mess, no windsurfing for me. Ron said They launched from the west island of the causeway. He rigged a 5.2 on a 75L board and was way powered. Sunday they were on the east island and the wind was out of the SE. He rigged a 6.5, the tide was coming in hard, and just barely avoided going under the causeway. Yesterday the wind was still blowing Jeff said gusts to 30mph. Today seems light but it is supposed to build late as another front pushes through tomorrow.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Strong Cold Front Comes Through

Monday we had some gusty SW winds blowing ahead of this cold front. I could hear the wind chime banging in my backyard. Yesterday it was heavily overcast with light rain and the wind was blowing out of the north. I saw Ron T posted that he sailed at the mansion and the wind was 30mph. Today it is supposed to be blowing out of the north again with overcast skies in the mid 60's. The NOAA hourly report shows 10 and I-windsurf 18mph.

I haven't sailed since my last post but from what I have heard 7.5 and bigger is the gear you would need. I sprained my ankle 2 weeks ago and I don't expect to be on the water anytime soon.

Monday, November 3, 2014

The Fronts Are Starting To Push Through!

We have had some pretty good wind these past few days. Saturday the wind was building out of the NW and when I got to the causeway around 2:00 it was blowing 22 - 30mph. It was a nice sunny day and it was a typical west wind that would blow hard and back off for awhile. I rigged a 5.2 on an 85 liter board. Their was some pretty heavy chop on the east side of the river and I was glad to be on a small board but when the wind backed off…. not so much. There were a good showing of sailors on the water. Our seasonal sailors are showing up. I have seen Jon, Henry and Jerry. Their are probably more but I am not on the water as much as I used to be. Sunday I think the wind was coming straight down the river it looked like it came in pretty good mid afternoon. Today it may have had some east to it. Brandon called me around 3:00 and said it looked like 7.5 or 8.0 would get you going. I am hoping to sail tomorrow for a late lunch. Low tide is at 2:00 so speed runs in the channel are possible.

They are working on the north sides of the islands on the causeway to stop erosion. The plan is to put in rock to prevent erosion and cut paths diagonally to the beach to allow access. It is taking some time to get the work down and I haven't seen one of these finished paths. Their are supposed to be 5 paths to the water. Unfortunately they didn't cut any paths on the north side of the west island.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Jupiter Inlet to Stuart Causeway

Dave has been asking me to write something about the windsurf trek Ron and I did last Saturday from Jupiter inlet to Stuart Causeway, so since it's storming outside today, I thought this might be as good of time as any... and there is no wind in forecast :) I think this was originally Ron's idea, but it could have been mine. It might have been about a year ago when we decided we would try and sail from Jupiter Inlet area to Stuart Causeway, but it was mostly talk and wait for the right wind and surf conditions. I'm sure there was plenty of good days we could have done it, but somehow we never got around to it; that is until 2 weeks ago when Ron noticed the winds were going to be East/Southeast and around 14-18mph which should have made it for a nice beam/broad reach. Wind forecast dropped a little, but that was not an issue since we were going to use our Formula boards with 9.0-11.0m sails. Once we worked out the logistics and made sure we had ample water/food/cell phone/dry bags and spare parts Ron brought along just in case, we wanted to time it so we could make it thru the St Lucie(Stuart)inlet before the tide shifted, but the winds did not cooperate in the morning, so we finally left the beach (just south of Jupiter inlet) around 2:15PM. I had concerns going thru the surf at the beach, especially with large sails, but somehow we got thru it and with some minor damage to one of my sail panels, and a broken batten. There is a photo on Jupiter Inlet Webcam site showing us just north of the inlet around 230PM and one showing Ed holding my sail on the beach at 215PM (August 30th). I'll try and add both links to this post. If you zoom in enough, you can see Ron's white sail to the East and my sail to the West with a sailboat in the middle and ahead of us. Getting thru the surf was quite an ordeal for me, because after trying for a while to beach start, I finally gave up and up-hauled the big 10.7m sail. As soon as I did I heard the cheering and clapping from the beach for which I didn't dare turn around and look back for the fear of dropping the sail in the surf and having to go thru it all over again. We soon realized the wind was not E/SE, but more SE/S and this meant pushing the board downwind which did not seem the way it wanted to go especially in the ocean waves that were not something I was used to on a Formula board. Ron got on a plane, but was heading away from the beach which also did not appeal to me. When I saw him planing, I figured I better give it a shot, and was able to while also going a bit more downwind, but soon had to point back up. Instead of gibing and planing back to the beach, I would drop off the plane and head downwind. Ron kept tacking back and forth. It seemed my way was working a little better at first, since he fell back a bit, but after a little while (around Hobe Sound beach), he caught up to me. Planing down the swells on a Formula board and a big sail was a hoot, but after a while it can wear you out, because there is no down time. Ron was on a 10m sail, and he was making it work now planing in more of the Northeasterly direction. After sailing in the waves, and trying to maneuver the breaking swells while gibing or tacking the 10.7m sail, I started thinking,(more than once)that I should head in to the shore for a break and maybe walk home from there:). On one of my gibes, I dropped the sail and for a while didn't think I would be able to bring it back up, (it's not easy in flat water, the swells make it much harder), but after sitting on the board for a few minutes, I was able to regain some strength and it probably helped the board/sail turned more downwind giving me the needed "lift". Ron was headed away from the beach again, so I started heading more downwind toward the inlet so we can meet up at some imaginary point up ahead. I decided to tack toward the beach and see if the surf will be forgiving enough for me to take a much needed break. Ron was heading back up toward the inlet when he saw me, so he joined me on the beach. We were maybe a mile from the inlet, on the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge beach. I made some calls from here to let someone know where we are and we continued on. I saw the surf breaking in the distance away from the beach so decided to head straight for the inlet, but this meant I wouldn't be able to plane as much. Ron tacked back and forth planing much more and we beached it again on the inside of the inlet (about a mile walk from the bath tub beach). The tide was going out, but that was not much an issue until I reached the shallow part of the inlet, jumped off the board and tried to beach start. The current was pulling my board out, making it difficult to maneuver the sail and jump back on the board. I did not want to up-haul that sail again! We ran out of fresh water on our previous stop, but Ron was able to get us couple of water bottles from some boaters. After that it was mostly dodging the boats and finding the best way thru the inlet and then up the Indian River to the Causeway. Ron sailed thru the channel and I decided to round the "Boy Scout Island" avoiding the boat traffic. This was probably the best part of the trip since I was back on my "turf" now and was finally able to relax while casually sailing in. When we got back Art, Rolf and Steve were waiting on us. We were both exhausted, but glad we did it. It was around 21 miles per Google maps to the Stuart Causeway, but with all the tacking we did, I have a feeling it was more like 30+ for us. Ron is already talking about the next trip to Bahamas, or maybe Virginia Key to Key Largo and then to Key West?

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cristobal Blows In Much Needed Wind For Treasure Coast Windsurfers.

Cristobal provided a fairly steady NE wind this Monday and Tuesday. Monday was sunny with small fast moving rain cells pushing through. I was able to sail during lunch and rigged a 7.0 on the 101L futura. I flattened the sail out and was very well powered. David, Dennis, Dorian, Rolf, Art and a few others were on the water. After work I was able to sail again with the night crew consisting of Dino, Mitch and Brandon. The wind was stronger so I sailed the same board with a 6.0 and again I was very well powered. The water was warm and the NE wind was fairly dry which made for very pleasant conditions.

Tuesday turned out to be another mostly sunny day without the rain cells and stronger wind in the morning. I sailed during lunch and rigged an 8.5 on my 117L isonic. Wind was from the same direction and very light when I first headed out. After 20 minutes or so it filled in nicely and I was well powered. Pretty much the same group of people were sailing as the previous day. Ron was a little more ambitious and was on the water at 8am sailing a 6.0, he got the best of it. After work I was at the causeway again sailing the 8.5. Ron and Dino rigged 7.6 and we blasted around till sunset. There is something special about ending the day on the water.

This was a nice break from the summer doldrums. The last time I sailed was the last couple days of June when Hurricane Arthur formed off our coast.

Between these two Hurricanes the wind has been light. Dino told me he has been getting out twice a week sailing a formula board and a 10.0 with Ron. There was a couple evening sessions when they were able to rig 7.6.

That's the news from Treasure Coast Windsurfers and remember, "Rig big or go home" - quote from Austin H

Saturday, May 31, 2014


May in Review

The first two weeks of May we were at Frisco Woods Campground on Hatteras Island. I was able to sail 11 of the 14 days we were there. I only wore a full wetsuit once and some days it was a bit warm in a shorty. Three mornings I was on the water by 6:30 am and could sail for an hour or so before breakfast. The most used sail was a 6.0 but I rigged anywhere from 4.7 through 7.0. Their was 4 French-Canadians I sailed with at the campground. Claude arrived a few days after us and he had been sailing at the Stuart causeway for the past few months! For some reason our paths never crossed. The most memorable experience was sailing out of Avon with 50 other windsurfers.

The 16th - 18th featured the Stuart Sailfish Regatta at the causeway. During those same three days a mild front came through bringing in some breezy, sunny conditions. On friday, the 16th, I sailed at the Mansion after work. The wind was out of the north, Ron and Tom were finishing up when I got there and Brandon showed up a bit later. Saturday Jon, Ron, Randy, Cliff and I sailed at the South Jetty. My first session I was on a 6.0 and 92L wave board but I wasn't really powered. Ron was on his slalom board and blasting all over. So I dragged out the 101L futura, that was a hoot out in the ocean. There was a nice clean ocean swell out past the jetty and flat water on the inside.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

NW Wind Comes In Better Than Expeted

Yesterday I had to get out of the house so I went down to the causeway. Wind was out of the NW but there wasn't much of it. I walked around the causeway island, Jon was sitting in his camper and no one was windsurfing. On the south side there was a lot of boaters and jet skies and on the north side I could see some puffs coming across the water. So the plan was to rig my 8.5  on the 117W isonic and hunt for some gusts. I wasn't on the water 15 minutes and it started filling in. I was way powered up but I figured it would back off. After an hour of this the chop was getting to be to much for my board so I went in and rigged a 7.0 on my 101L futura. Edward was rigging his 8.5 and Randy saw what was going on and went to get his equipment. I went out for almost another hour and then the wind backed off a tad. Some strong gusts where still coming in but it wasn't as consistent. As I was packing up Edward, Randy and Jon where on the water and Tom was rigging. It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Great Evening Session

I have missed some evening windsurfing sessions but tonight I nailed it. The wind was blowing out of the SE 18-25 mph, sky was heavily overcast and at times a fine drizzle was coming down. When I drove down through Jensen beach their was white caps on the river but when I got to the causeway it seemed dead. James's trailer and Ron's truck were there but I didn't see them. I dragged my gear out and looked way down south by the spoil island and spotted them. I wasn't sure what to rig, fortunately I made the right choice with a 6.0. Once out in the channel it was pedal to the metal. We dragged race for a little over an hour, it was great.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

I had a pretty decent sail yesterday. It was a nice sunny day and a cool breeze was blowing, out of the east, when I got down to the causeway. Rolf, David and Dorian where sailing on 9.5's and Art was on his 7.5. So I was hoping my 8.5 would be enough. The wind was lined up so you could sail bridge to bridge so I made four runs in the course of an hour and was fairly well powered. My first run was close to the channel but the wind and boat wakes made this funky cross chop so the rest of my runs were over towards the east side of the river. I finished up at 5:00pm and Dino and Tom were rigging up.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Blasting out at The House

Ron, Dino and I had an awesome time blasting around on the river yesterday evening. I rigged a 6.0 and the wind was out of the south. It was sunny with a slight haze so the western sky had an orange glow as the sun started to set. We were making runs from the House of Refuge, between the spoil islands to the west side of the channel. At times we were running very close to each other and it was all speed and adrenalin! Just before the sun was about to go behind some cloud cover, low on the horizon, we started heading back. I took my time and made another run out to the spoil island. The wind was shutting down as I made my way back. I spotted Ron in the water and went over to see what was wrong. The end of his UJ sheared off and Dino was going in to get another one. Ron realized he wouldn't be able to use it without being able to remove the piece stuck in the base. So He was going to de-rig and swim in. By this time the wind was very light as I headed in. I told Dino what was going on as he was heading back out. At one point I saw this huge splash and then another as a spinner shark came out of the water near the IR Plantation marina. I thought if Ron see's this he will be walking across the water. When I got back to the causeway I jumped in the truck in search of a boater or kayaker but found none. Ron ended up swimming his gear in but lost his sail in the process.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Night Crew is Back

So I get down to the causeway and it is showing a fair amount of white caps. Ron is out on the water and catching some nice gusts. I rigged the biggest gear I have and Dino is already heading out. The wind backed down some and it was a lot of work watching for a gust, pumping the sail and getting on plane. The sun was setting and at times the wind seemed to fill in. Mr Speed is in my vicinity and we sail west across the river. We were getting some good speed as he pulls out in front of me and jibes as we approach the shallows. I keep going, shallow, shallow, SHALLOW, jibe and back up on plane I go. Meanwhile Mr Speed is schlogin along in desperate need of a gust. I am closing in fast, cut across his tail, pass close on his upwind side and then cut across his nose. That was SWEET, made the whole session worthwhile. Now I am not normally a vindictive person but this is a move he uses on us all the time. In fact so often it…just …well is expected.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

A mild front pushed through late yesterday evening. Today they forecast NW mind 14 - 21 with clear skies and temps in the low to mid 70's.

Yesterday the wind was out of the SW with mostly overcast skies. I arrived at the causeway around 10:30, the river had a far amount of whitecaps and Art was heading out. Initially I was going to rig a 7.0 but with typical west wind it had backed down some before I could get my gear out of the trailer. So I opted for the 8.5 on the isonic. That turned out to be the right choice because I was fairly well powered in the light wind and had blazing speed in the gusts. There was a period of about an hour where I could make long runs from the House of Refuge NW to the channel up near the bridge. The water was fairly flat and you could see the gusts working across the water and I had that Rolling Stones song going through my head "here it comes, here it comes". I was getting some amazing speed  and able to do some sweet jibes. Art came in shortly after I went out because the wind had backed down. He wasn't on his 7.5 so I figured he would re-rig. It was quite a while before another sail came out and it was Jeff. We sailed around some and then the wind would back off and fill in so I called it quits. Randy was on the water and Canadian Dave was rigging when I got back.

Friday I watched the wind blow all day and couldn't get down to the causeway fast enough. Dino had sent texts saying they were on 6.5 - 7.5 and Brandon confirmed it shortly after. The wind was out of the south and I was on the water by 6:00pm. The tide was coming in and running pretty hard and the wind was backing down. I rigged a 7.0 on my futura and I felt like I was clawing my way out of a hole and by the time I was 2/3 of the way to the House of Refuge the wind faded out.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Exceptional Weekend for Windsurfing

Although there was only a light breeze out of the south with sunny skies, Saturday was a beautiful day for the Causeway Cookout! We had a real nice turnout with great food and music.

Sunday the wind came in huge out of the south. I arrived around 1:00 and the causeway was crowded with windsurfers! I rigged a 6.0 on my 101L futura and had a hard time getting out to the House of Refuge. The wind gusts were narrow and chop was heavy, by they time you got on plane the gust had faded and the chop would take you off plane. Once I got up there the wind really filled in. Ron, James and I were making runs from the Refuge heading west passing south of the spoil island and out in the channel. When the gusts came in the speeds were incredible. I sailed with them for a bit and then went searching for flatter water to make some speed runs. Heading back to the causeway was dicey!!! I was way overpowered.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Cold Front Brings In Some Wind

Wednesday evening I was able to get down to the causeway just as the lead edge of the front moves through. The wind dropped as some cloud cover moved overhead but as the skies cleared the west wind filled back in. Ron let me borrow a 6.5 sail and I headed out looking for some gusts and over a period of 15 minutes it filled in real nice. James, Ron and I sailed till sunset.

Thursday the wind clocked around to the NE and I went out on a 6.0. Art was leaving and Dennis was packing up.  Ron, Dino, Connelly, James and a few others were sailing. It was a beautiful afternoon, clear skies and I think the temps were in the low 70's. I was well powered on the 101L futura and for some reason I always had huge speed heading west across the river into the sun. Heading east it was slower, but you had more control and pretty much sail down the line.

Looks like more wind today out of the east. Saturday, not so much. Sunday shows good wind out of the SE.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Saturday afternoon the wind picked up out of the NE better than forecasted. Art was out on the river and Ron showed up while I was rigging. I was well powered on an 8.5 and Ron was on a 10.0. We headed out at 5pm and it seemed to get better as we sailed. The boat traffic dwindled so the water got flatter and the wind was increasing. We sailed till sunset and were glad we made the effort to go.

Causeway Cookout

We will be having one final causeway cookout, before all the northern sailors head home, Saturday March 15 on the East island of the Stuart causeway. I will light up the grills around 2:30pm: bring your favorite cookout food, desert and appetite. See you there!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sanibel causeway

We were in Ft Myers this past weekend and I was able to sail at the Sanibel causeway. The first island of the causeway had a crowd of windsurfers and kiteboarders. I rigged a 7.0 on my 118L Bic with a weed fin. The wind was out of the NW and I wanted to sail over to Sanibel but the chop was to much. I ended up sailing in fairly flat water as indicated by the gps track.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

We had a good turnout at the Causeway Cookout. Mild temperature with an overcast sky and plenty of food.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Causeway Cookout

When: Sunday January 26th Where: Stuart Causeway east island. What time: I will start firing up the grill at 2:30pm. Bring your favorite cookout food, beverage and appetite. I will bring ice, eating utensiles, plates, cups and charcoal. See you there!

Lost and Found

A windsurfing board was left at the Stuart causeway last Thursday on the east island. I am not sure of the description but I am willing to bet it was the only one left there. If you found it or know of its whereabouts contact Tom Connelly.

Friday, January 3, 2014

Good Sailing On New Years Day

The wind was out of the south, cloudy, with rain cells moving through. Randy was finishing up, Ron and Dino were out on the water. They rigged 9.0's on formula boards. I rigged an 8.5 on the isonic 117w. I had no problem getting out to the House of Refuge but then the wind backed off some. It was OK sailing but then the skies started to clear and it filled in. I was blazing and had a great time!

Today a strong front has pushed through. Brandon just sent me a text from the causeway, "De-icing the 4.5! Putting on a 4.0. It's real choppy! Cold and brutal." My only hope of sailing is if it stays up all night. I will be on the water early in the morning.