Sunday, April 13, 2014

I had a pretty decent sail yesterday. It was a nice sunny day and a cool breeze was blowing, out of the east, when I got down to the causeway. Rolf, David and Dorian where sailing on 9.5's and Art was on his 7.5. So I was hoping my 8.5 would be enough. The wind was lined up so you could sail bridge to bridge so I made four runs in the course of an hour and was fairly well powered. My first run was close to the channel but the wind and boat wakes made this funky cross chop so the rest of my runs were over towards the east side of the river. I finished up at 5:00pm and Dino and Tom were rigging up.

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devon conde said...

i AM 18 - i have two old windsurfing boards to give away. I bought them over 2 years ago on craiglist and did not get enough money for the rest of what I would need. My windsurfing coach said they were a good deal at $100 for both. Does anyone want to pick them up for free? South stuart. home phone 772 210 1104 - leave message as my mom screens. No axe-murderers please - she's picky like that.