Where to sail and maps

House of Refuge

The map labeled House of Refuge shows the Stuart Causeway. Sail the west island when the wind is blowing ENE to SE to S. This is a great island to sail out of, no boat ramps and grass to rig sails on. It is possible to sail the east island when the wind is blowing from any direction. This island has grassy areas and a bathroom as well, but it does get crowded due to the boat ramp.

Sailing Center   "The Mansion"   Riverside Park

The map labeled Sailing Center shows both the Jensen and Stuart Causeways. The Sailing Center is located at 1955 Indian River Dr just north of Riverside Park. You can sail here when the wind blows anywhere from NNW to E to SSE. It is ideal for learning when the wind is out of the NE to E because there is a large sand bar out front. Between the Sailing Center and Riverside Park is a large white building, "The Mansion", that sits on a slight hill. On the north side of that building is a parking lot with a grassy area close to the water. You can rig their and carry your gear down a short drop off to the water. - updated 12/10/13

Hermans Bay
The map labeled Hermans Bay is sailable when the wind blows NW to W to S. These winds are very gusty because they are coming across the land. It is located out on Hutchinson Island south of the St Lucie power plant and north of Island Dunes Country Club. Their is a stretch of road that is almost on the water, that's the place. I drove past their on 11/28/13 and they have widened the road further and removed the trees at the waters edge. It appears to be to dangerous to park so close to the road.

Note the compass rose at the top of each map, the river runs NNW to SSE.