Saturday, November 30, 2013

Evening Sail

I was able to sail after work yesterday. I didn't get on the water till 5pm. Everyone had left and Jon was packing up. Wind was out of the NE and squalls were coming through. Jon told me Brandon was out on a 7.6 and he was over powered. I rigged a 6.0 on my 110L futura. When I took off I was way over powered but then the wind seemed to back off a tad and I had an awesome time. If I stayed on the east side of the river the water was fairly flat and it made for some high speed runs and gybes. With the heavy cloud cover by 5:45 I was traveling way to fast with the limited visibility.

Losing daylight savings time really bites. The last two times I have sailed at 5pm I had to stop after an hour because it was to dark, of course clear sky and some moonlight would help.

My company has added a gps app to our phones. So now it is tracking me like a dog from sunup to sundown, no more lunchtime sailing. I was able to get some afternoons off using my vacation time but now the are wanting a 30 day notice.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Jon Makes it on Channel 5 News

Check out this video link.

November Cool Fronts

We have had some mild cool fronts push through the state recently. On November 3rd I sailed at the Ft Pierce inlet with about a dozen kite boarders. I rigged 6.0 on a 92L wave board and had a great time. It was sunny with a fairly clean ocean swell coming in.
By wednesday the wind had clocked around to the east and the wind was up and down as storm cells moved through. I was on a 118L with a 5.2, it got me through the lulls but when the wind really cranked up it was way to much board. I sailed the afternoon on the west island of Stuart causeway and saw a lot of windsurfers. Jerry, Bill, Henry and Norman are here now.
On Tuesday the 13th another front came in and I sailed the east island of the Stuart causeway in the afternoon. Skies were cloudy with temps in the low 70's. I rigged a 4.7 on my 92L wave board. The wind was out of the north and I read 22 - 29 mph on my wind meter.   I was well powered but had plenty of control for the first hour. I was up near Riverside park when I decided to make my way back. It seemed like the wind came up some plus I was bearing off more and I was way over powered. I got hurled several times as I headed to the causeway.