Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cristobal Blows In Much Needed Wind For Treasure Coast Windsurfers.

Cristobal provided a fairly steady NE wind this Monday and Tuesday. Monday was sunny with small fast moving rain cells pushing through. I was able to sail during lunch and rigged a 7.0 on the 101L futura. I flattened the sail out and was very well powered. David, Dennis, Dorian, Rolf, Art and a few others were on the water. After work I was able to sail again with the night crew consisting of Dino, Mitch and Brandon. The wind was stronger so I sailed the same board with a 6.0 and again I was very well powered. The water was warm and the NE wind was fairly dry which made for very pleasant conditions.

Tuesday turned out to be another mostly sunny day without the rain cells and stronger wind in the morning. I sailed during lunch and rigged an 8.5 on my 117L isonic. Wind was from the same direction and very light when I first headed out. After 20 minutes or so it filled in nicely and I was well powered. Pretty much the same group of people were sailing as the previous day. Ron was a little more ambitious and was on the water at 8am sailing a 6.0, he got the best of it. After work I was at the causeway again sailing the 8.5. Ron and Dino rigged 7.6 and we blasted around till sunset. There is something special about ending the day on the water.

This was a nice break from the summer doldrums. The last time I sailed was the last couple days of June when Hurricane Arthur formed off our coast.

Between these two Hurricanes the wind has been light. Dino told me he has been getting out twice a week sailing a formula board and a 10.0 with Ron. There was a couple evening sessions when they were able to rig 7.6.

That's the news from Treasure Coast Windsurfers and remember, "Rig big or go home" - quote from Austin H