Monday, July 25, 2011

Last time I sailed was on Saturday afternoon. I rigged my 8.5 on the formula board and was well powered. Wind was out of the SE and the tide was coming in. If it weren't for the tide I probably could have rigged a 7.0. I met up with Art out near the spoil island and sailed with him a bit. It was a good session except their was a lot of seaweed. Dino and Ron rigged 7.2's and were underpowered. Then Ron had a run in with a jet ski, literally! He had to jump off his board so he wouldn't get hit. The authorities were called no tickets written but an apology was given.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

North wind in July??

Around noon time today the wind came up and Dino was at the causeway and caught some of it sailing his 7.0 on his 92L JP slalom. Ron and I showed up around 2:00 and the wind had backed off but was still blowing out of the north. I rigged a 10.5 and Ron a 8.4. I was out for an hour and was nicely powered. After that the wind filled in more and Ron and Dino were powered up on there 8.4's.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tuesday afternoon I made my way down to the causeway. I could tell I hadn't been windsurfing in a while, the footstraps on my board were completely dry. Dino had been out earlier on his 8.4 and didn't have much luck. I rigged my 8.5 on the formula and launched on the north side of the island. Wind line said E 16 - 22 but it looked like 10 to me. I schloged a hundred yards or so, caught a gust and sailed to the Jensen causeway. I was pleased with that but then I pretty much had to schlog back. I went back to the causeway and decided to wait and see if it would pick up. Ron T. showed up and rigged his 10.5, it was still looking light with an occasional gust coming through. We headed out and I was nicely powered :) We sailed to Jensen causeway and then south under the Stuart causeway down to the spoil island. We had a good sail, I was glad I went back out.
The forecast looks bleak for the next week or so. Tropical wave moving over Florida providing much needed rain but not much wind.