Monday, May 18, 2015

Art's big day

Well I think Art's birthday and "major award" went off rather well. It was a sunny, windy day and a good group of people showed up. Art arrived at 2:00 and we were afraid he would rig and we wouldn't see him till 6:00. Art felt the wind would build and conditions would be right at 3:00, so he was content slowly assembling his gear and talking to all these people showing up. The rest of our group and the cake showed up in the nick of time as Art was on his way out. We had to call him back and as he made his way up to the grassy area we started singing Happy Birthday! The look on his face and reaction.... priceless. He wanted to turn around and go back out on the water.... and he started to! But he was a good sport and joined in. We presented him with a plaque which read, "In recognition of Arthur "Art" Delaossa with honor and appreciation "an inspiration to all windsurfers" Treasure Coast Windsurfers May 21st 2015. Then the cake was cut, the wind filled in and we went windsurfing. Thanks to everyone who participated and contributed to this event. For more photos click here.