Sunday, December 29, 2013

Strong Wind on Christmas Eve

Christmas eve strong North winds blew in. I wasn't able to sail but Ron told me he was out on a 5.1 and a 72L board. The wind was still up on Christmas day but had turned out of the east. At 8:00 am Jeff and I were sailing out at the House of Refuge. It was sunny and I was fairly well powered on a 6.0 and the 101L futura. I sailed for two hours and when I got back to the causeway a fair amount of sailors had showed up.

Yesterday the wind came in out of the south better than predicted. I was the only one on the water at 9:00 am, except for some fisherman. I was sailing the same rig I used on Christmas day and the first hour was good and then it turned awesome. By 12:00 Jon, David, Rolf and Dorian had made it out to The House of Refuge and were enjoying the flat water and strong wind. When I returned to the causeway Tom C had just arrived and James was rigging.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Earth Wind Map

I added another link on the weather page called Earth Wind Map. You can actually rotate the globe to see what the wind is doing around the world. Click this link to check it out.

Saturday Brings Steady SE Wind

The North wind that came in on Thursday clocked around to the SE by Saturday. I was down at the causeway around 10:30 am and was pretty disappointed with the rain cells popping up and traveling up the coast. I rigged a 7.0 on the 101L futura and headed out to the House of Refuge. As the morning went on it just got better and better. The skies cleared and wind was pretty steady. A lot of windsurfers showed up at the causeway plus two kiters. Jerry, David, Dorian, Rolf, Ron, Mike, Brandon, Jon, Tom and some others sailed from the east island. I was told Joel and Susan were on the west island. It was a great day sailing!
For more photos click here.

Mild Front, Great Wind

We had a front push through on 12/12 that brought milder temps and a pretty good breeze on the river. The wind was out of the North and and I sailed late in the afternoon. I rigged a 5.2 on a 258 axxis and rocketed along at times. Jerry, Henry, Rolf, Dorian and a few others were packing up when I got there. Ron was out on the water and I sailed with Susan, Norman, Tom, Dino. I think Brandon was out as well plus some other sailors. Here is a link to some photos.

Health of the River

I have been remiss in updating the state of the river. They have stopped  dumping water out lake Okeechobee for quite some time so water quality has vastly improved. I checked the Martin Co health department website and it has warnings for sites closer to the source on the St Lucie river. So we are "good to go."