Sunday, December 29, 2013

Strong Wind on Christmas Eve

Christmas eve strong North winds blew in. I wasn't able to sail but Ron told me he was out on a 5.1 and a 72L board. The wind was still up on Christmas day but had turned out of the east. At 8:00 am Jeff and I were sailing out at the House of Refuge. It was sunny and I was fairly well powered on a 6.0 and the 101L futura. I sailed for two hours and when I got back to the causeway a fair amount of sailors had showed up.

Yesterday the wind came in out of the south better than predicted. I was the only one on the water at 9:00 am, except for some fisherman. I was sailing the same rig I used on Christmas day and the first hour was good and then it turned awesome. By 12:00 Jon, David, Rolf and Dorian had made it out to The House of Refuge and were enjoying the flat water and strong wind. When I returned to the causeway Tom C had just arrived and James was rigging.

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