Saturday, August 30, 2008


Wow today turned out to be a great day on the water, except if you are flying a plane! I showed up at 2:00 and most everyone was on 7.0's. There was quite a few sailors out. I saw Dorian, Fred, David, Richard, Ron, Bill, Tom, Dino, Austin, Brandon and Dick. I rigged a 7.0 and put on a big fin because the wind looked borderline 7.0. The wind was actually bands from Hurricane Gustav which is at the west end of Cuba! I made my way out to the House of Refuge and when the wind filled in with heavy chop the fin made the board a bit unruly. I caught a huge gust in fairly flat water and headed off down wind, but I didn't keep the board perfectly flat and the back end started coming out of the water. To much air got under the board and I got hurled. Ended up laying on top of the sail looking at the sky. I was out about two hours and when I got back to the island Tow BoatUS was dragging an airplane to the boat ramp. The plane landed in the water on the south side of the west island. That was quite a sight. I was taking pictures and Dino and Austin hit the water. The wind filled in some so I swaped out to a smaller fin and went back out. After 40 minutes on the water my knees told me it was time to call it a day. This sure was better than Friday. Dino and I went out, I was on my formula board with a 10.5 and was only able to get on plane a couple times.

Kite Boarder


8/21/8 This is from the post on Thursday, see post below, Bill is heading in.

Monday, August 25, 2008

TS Fay

Thursday turned out to be another great day on the water. I arrived at 5:00, Brandon and Bill were there. I rigged a 4.5 and was out 45 minutes or so. Wind was out of the SW and was up and down. I was slightly overpowered most the time and when the gusts came through they were huge. From the House of Refuge south the water was flatter and occasionaly you could catch some huge gusts. As I was heading back to the causeway the wind came in huge north of the spoil island. The board was up on its tail and after recovering I got hit again and spun out in huge chop. I sat on the board for awhile and let the wind calm down before heading back. Dino rigged his 4.2 and I was considering rigging a 4.0. I was taking some pictures of the kite boarders and soon afterwards the wind started to fade. Looks like we may have another TS Storm SE of Cuba should find out today. Other than that the forecasts look bleak

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I made it back out on the water wednesday. Talked with Dick and Brandon, they got me on the right size gear. Rigged a 5.5 and was on my 88L board. I was nicely powered most the time and it seemed tame compared to tuesday. Wind would back off at times and would fill back in followed with some nice gusts. I was able to hit 33 mph on the gps. Canadian Dave showed up and rigged about the same as me. He was getting cabin fever and was glad to be out on the water.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TS Fay

8/19/8 I shot this video when one of the gusts came through on tuesday.

TS Fay

TS Fay

Tuesday afternoon Dino, Craig and I braved TS Fay. I was on a 4.0, Dino was on a 4.2 and Craig was on a 3.5. Wind was SE 33 gusting to 45 mph and I was slightly overpowered most the time. The gusts were unbelievable, it was hard to control board and sail. Seemed more like bull riding than windsurfing. I spent most the time in front of the west island, but the wind did back down some so I headed for the House of Refuge. Made it close to the pink house and then headed west to the spoil island. When I was half way there these good size waves were coming through with huge gust.....decided to head back and it was a struggle. It was an extremely good time and it was nice to be on small gear after months of 8.5's!

TS Fay

8/19/8 Austin our weatherman was reading 55mph under the bridge. By the old boat ramp he was reading 33 gusting to 45

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Well here it is Tuesday and TS Fay is making its way inland. For the most part wind speed is in the low 30's with gusts in the low 40's. If the tornado watches would subside and my company doesn't call me in, maybe I can get out to the river. Sunday Sarah, Frank and I went out to the sailing center. The wind was out of the N at 9 so it was perfect for learning. They were on the water for quite awhile. Frank was on the formula board with a 7.0 and Sarah was on my 118L bic with a 4.5. Dino and Austin showed up but didn't get out on the water.

At the Sailing Center Sarah's video

Saturday, August 16, 2008

TS Fay

Hey Hey things are looking up in the weather department thanks to TS Fay. From previous experience I have noticed we get good wind when the storms track up through the gulf just off the Florida coastline and that is the projected path for Fay. Right now Iwindsurf shows SE winds at 29 mph for Tuesday afternoon. So check the weather sites and we will see if this pans out.