Wednesday, August 20, 2008

TS Fay

Tuesday afternoon Dino, Craig and I braved TS Fay. I was on a 4.0, Dino was on a 4.2 and Craig was on a 3.5. Wind was SE 33 gusting to 45 mph and I was slightly overpowered most the time. The gusts were unbelievable, it was hard to control board and sail. Seemed more like bull riding than windsurfing. I spent most the time in front of the west island, but the wind did back down some so I headed for the House of Refuge. Made it close to the pink house and then headed west to the spoil island. When I was half way there these good size waves were coming through with huge gust.....decided to head back and it was a struggle. It was an extremely good time and it was nice to be on small gear after months of 8.5's!

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