Thursday, April 3, 2014

Night Crew is Back

So I get down to the causeway and it is showing a fair amount of white caps. Ron is out on the water and catching some nice gusts. I rigged the biggest gear I have and Dino is already heading out. The wind backed down some and it was a lot of work watching for a gust, pumping the sail and getting on plane. The sun was setting and at times the wind seemed to fill in. Mr Speed is in my vicinity and we sail west across the river. We were getting some good speed as he pulls out in front of me and jibes as we approach the shallows. I keep going, shallow, shallow, SHALLOW, jibe and back up on plane I go. Meanwhile Mr Speed is schlogin along in desperate need of a gust. I am closing in fast, cut across his tail, pass close on his upwind side and then cut across his nose. That was SWEET, made the whole session worthwhile. Now I am not normally a vindictive person but this is a move he uses on us all the time. In fact so often it…just …well is expected.

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