Saturday, May 31, 2014

May in Review

The first two weeks of May we were at Frisco Woods Campground on Hatteras Island. I was able to sail 11 of the 14 days we were there. I only wore a full wetsuit once and some days it was a bit warm in a shorty. Three mornings I was on the water by 6:30 am and could sail for an hour or so before breakfast. The most used sail was a 6.0 but I rigged anywhere from 4.7 through 7.0. Their was 4 French-Canadians I sailed with at the campground. Claude arrived a few days after us and he had been sailing at the Stuart causeway for the past few months! For some reason our paths never crossed. The most memorable experience was sailing out of Avon with 50 other windsurfers.

The 16th - 18th featured the Stuart Sailfish Regatta at the causeway. During those same three days a mild front came through bringing in some breezy, sunny conditions. On friday, the 16th, I sailed at the Mansion after work. The wind was out of the north, Ron and Tom were finishing up when I got there and Brandon showed up a bit later. Saturday Jon, Ron, Randy, Cliff and I sailed at the South Jetty. My first session I was on a 6.0 and 92L wave board but I wasn't really powered. Ron was on his slalom board and blasting all over. So I dragged out the 101L futura, that was a hoot out in the ocean. There was a nice clean ocean swell out past the jetty and flat water on the inside.

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