Monday, November 3, 2014

The Fronts Are Starting To Push Through!

We have had some pretty good wind these past few days. Saturday the wind was building out of the NW and when I got to the causeway around 2:00 it was blowing 22 - 30mph. It was a nice sunny day and it was a typical west wind that would blow hard and back off for awhile. I rigged a 5.2 on an 85 liter board. Their was some pretty heavy chop on the east side of the river and I was glad to be on a small board but when the wind backed off…. not so much. There were a good showing of sailors on the water. Our seasonal sailors are showing up. I have seen Jon, Henry and Jerry. Their are probably more but I am not on the water as much as I used to be. Sunday I think the wind was coming straight down the river it looked like it came in pretty good mid afternoon. Today it may have had some east to it. Brandon called me around 3:00 and said it looked like 7.5 or 8.0 would get you going. I am hoping to sail tomorrow for a late lunch. Low tide is at 2:00 so speed runs in the channel are possible.

They are working on the north sides of the islands on the causeway to stop erosion. The plan is to put in rock to prevent erosion and cut paths diagonally to the beach to allow access. It is taking some time to get the work down and I haven't seen one of these finished paths. Their are supposed to be 5 paths to the water. Unfortunately they didn't cut any paths on the north side of the west island.

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