Friday, March 14, 2014

Cold Front Brings In Some Wind

Wednesday evening I was able to get down to the causeway just as the lead edge of the front moves through. The wind dropped as some cloud cover moved overhead but as the skies cleared the west wind filled back in. Ron let me borrow a 6.5 sail and I headed out looking for some gusts and over a period of 15 minutes it filled in real nice. James, Ron and I sailed till sunset.

Thursday the wind clocked around to the NE and I went out on a 6.0. Art was leaving and Dennis was packing up.  Ron, Dino, Connelly, James and a few others were sailing. It was a beautiful afternoon, clear skies and I think the temps were in the low 70's. I was well powered on the 101L futura and for some reason I always had huge speed heading west across the river into the sun. Heading east it was slower, but you had more control and pretty much sail down the line.

Looks like more wind today out of the east. Saturday, not so much. Sunday shows good wind out of the SE.

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