Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hatteras, Frisco Woods

Greetings from Hatteras. We have been up here since Sunday and have had plenty of cold air, cold water and wind. Monday the wind was light but in the afternoon a storm came up and I was out on a 6.0 for a couple of hours. Got to see a full rainbow over Hatteras as the sun went down. Tuesday the wind was blowing 30 mph with gusts to 35, went out on a 4.5 and was overpowered. Went back out on a 4.0 and it was manageable but the gusts put you in a survival mode and it didn't feel like fun anymore. The experienced guys were out on 3.7s and were having a good time. In the afternoon it built to 33 gusting to 41. Yesterday it was blowing 27 - 32. Went out for an hour on a 5.0 and was overpowered the whole time. Re-rigged a 4.0 and went out two more times, I was getting dialed in and having a good time. It was amazing to watch the experienced windsurfers sail, doing flips and other tricks.

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