Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Tuesday evening was looking to be a good time on the water. At 5:18 I was headed to the causeway and the wind line said it was blowing 23!!! When I got there Art was about 200 yards out on his 7.5 and nicely powered. Dino was dragging out his equipment and rigging his 7.2, so I followed suit. We could hear the railings buzzing up above, tide was high, and things looked good except for the low, dark ominous clouds to the northwest. Some lightning flashed way out west and Barry walked up and questioned Dino about it. We were armed with enough meteorological knowledge to justify our actions. Dino has this infectious wind optimism and in short order Barry was rigging her sail as well. When the lightning was coming down on three sides of us and the wind faded, and changed direction; we found ourselves sitting in our vehicles listening to the rain and watching the windows steam up. Oh well there is always tomorrow.

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