Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hurricane Ike

I was out on the water yesterday. Wind was ENE @ 23 gusting to 28. Rigged a 6.0 on an 88L board and was nicely powered. I sailed out to the house, up and down the channel and on the west side of the river. Logged 40 miles on the gps and had the best time. Bill, Dino, Austin, Brandon, David, Ron, Todd, Craig and a few others were out. I met Dr Connelly (Tom) for the first time. I told him I had heard the slip/slop/slap commercial and he asked if it was to long. I replied, “Just a little. Alls we want is the wind speed”. He said he would have them shorten it.
Pretty much did the same thing today but wasn’t out near as long. I rigged the same but really had to flatten out the sail. Mitchel, Dino, David, Charles (welcome back!) and I believe Richard were on the water. Hurricane Ike has created all this wind much like Gustav did. It’s amazing that a hurricane at the west side of Cuba can affect our weather.

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