Thursday, December 11, 2008

We had high hopes for today. Forecasts showed 20 - 30 mph. I expected to see the river covered in white caps but I was sadly mistaken. It was fairly flat but you could see some gusts come through (SSW) and it would build some and then back off. David said he was out earlier and it had been droping since. I took some pictures; Bill, they other Bill, Richard, Dino, and Craig were on the water.

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James Douglass said...

Yeah, man. It sure as heck wasn't 20-30 in Fort Pierce, either. More like 15, gusty, and dropping. In fact, I thought every day Tuesday - Thursday was a kind of a tease. Enough to tempt me out of work, but not enough to be fully powered; at least not in the ocean on the gear I chose. Wednesday was the best on a 6.6 / 106 liter board. If I'd rigged 6.6 instead of 5.8, yesterday might have been ok, too.