Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend sailing

This weekend provided some windsurfing opportunities. Saturday the wind was out of the NW and it was mostly cloudy in the low 60's. I rigged a 6.0 and followed Art up north of Joes point. Some of the gusts would blow deep into the cove and it made for some nice planning jibes. I had never sailed the cove in that wind directions before and it was fun.
Sunday the wind shifted to the north and the tide was right to sail Ft Pierce inlet. I got there at 1:00 and the wind was blowing 15 - 19 and it was in the low 60's. By the time I rigged the wind had dropped (or shifted west slightly) and I couldn't get powered on my 6.0. I was bummed because it was so nice out there. I Should have brought some free ride gear. I talked to Ron T. later and he was on the river nicely powered on his 7.2

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