Monday, February 7, 2011

Wind was blowing hard today. From 1:00 to 5:00 it was 25 - 35+ out of the SSW. I got there right at the tail end of it. I rigged a 5.2 on my sinker board and south of the spoil island it was flat with huge gusts coming through. I was out a half hour and then limped back in and changed to my 118L board because the wind was backing off. I stayed out till sunset and had a pretty decent time.
Saturday the wind was out of the south and wind line was saying 25 - 30. There was very little wind around the causeway but you could see white caps out at the House of Refuge. I rigged a 7.0 and a huge fin so I could make it out to the wind line. Once I got out there I downhauled the sail but the fin was a problem. Dino and Ron were out buzzing around but I didn't want to follow them south of the spoil island because of the shallow water. So I was making runs from the House to the north side of the spoil island. Jibing in the flat water by the spoil island was great until I clipped the sandbar and snapped my fin off.

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