Friday, May 6, 2011

Yesterday I had visions of wave sailing at Jupiter inlet but the mild front that passed through didn't provide much wind. I ended up sailing at the causeway with an 8.5 on the formula board. The wind was lined up so I could sail from bridge to bridge so it made for some nice long runs. When I arrived Art, Dorian, Ron, Dennis, Mike, James, Jon and a few others were finishing up so I had the whole river to myself.

I sailed Monday and was well powered on a 7.0, wind was out of the SSE. I don't remember much else but I think I hit a manatee south of the causeway east island out near the channel. I was up on plane, hit something and got hurled. Next thing I know water and mud was boiling up all around me!

Sunday was a good day on the water. It was mostly sunny, wind was out of the southeast, the tide was low and the water was clear. I rigged a 7.0 and sailed with Art up in the shallows south of the House of Refuge out near the spoil islands. I wouldn't have attempted it if I wasn't following Art, he has a nose for skinny water.

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