Friday, December 16, 2011

Great sailing on Tuesday and Wednesday

After four days of rain Tuesday turned out to be a mostly sunny day with a nice wind blowing out of the east. I was able to sail at lunch time on my 118L bic and a 7.0. You could make some long runs on the north side of the island and sail bridge to bridge. I spent some time in that cove north of Joes point and then came blasting down the east side of the river in flat water. When I returned to the island Dino, Canadian Dave, Joel and a few others were out. Ron, Brandon and a few others were on the island.
Wednesday I was able to do it all over again on the same rig but on the south side of the island. I chose a longer fin because the wind appeared lighter and I didn't want to waste to much time getting out to the "House". Once out there I was really well powered and wished I had my shorter fin. Art, Dorian, Jon and Canadian Dave were out there and I dragged raced with Jon a bit. When I got back Dino and Ron were rigging. Over on the west island I spotted Jerry sporting that ORANGE sail. When I was leaving Dorian rated the conditions a "10" and compared it to Aruba!

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