Thursday, March 22, 2012

Close encounter with a Coastie.

Wednesday I sailed during lunch and rigged a 7.0 on my Bic. The wind had a little more east to it than yesterday and I tacked down the channel. When I got south of the first spoil island I planned to gybe on the west side of the channel and head between the spoil islands towards the House of Refuge. After gybing I was schlogging on the edge of the channel waiting for a gust. Then looking through my sail I noticed a blue flashing light afixed to a Coast Guard boat bearing down on.... Me? The boat came along side up wind of me. A coastie said I was a hazard to navigation and with no wind in my sail and bumping his boat I lost balance and fell in. While under water and close to his twin outboards I hear him give it some throttle and feel the prop wash. Not wanting to become chum I was able to water start right smartely and was leaving the scene. He shouted asking if I was OK and I gave him the thumbs up and left.... sheesh.

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