Friday, January 18, 2013

Mild front pushes through

Yesterday I watched as the front progressed down the peninsula. It appeared that it would hit our area around sunset and it did. I headed down to the causeway around 5:00pm and the wind line said SW at 13mph. When I was crossing the bridge Ron, James and a few others were on the south side of the causeway but the wind had clocked around to the north west. I rigged a 7.0 on my 101L just as the wind really started to crank up. I made one run way overpowered, so I flattened out my sail and tried again. By this time Ron and James joined me on the north side. I made another run and blew a harness line. So now I had to rig a 6.0 so I could use my smaller boom. By this time it was pretty dark with a setting sun and heavy cloud cover. We could see the channel markers, white caps but not the wave shapes. Even with a 6.0 I was really powered up. So around 6:30 we called it quits. The chart above should dispel any myths that every time I show up at the causeway the wind dies!

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