Friday, February 15, 2013

Lac Bay, Bonaire, 2/11/13

The fifth island we visited was Bonaire. I wasn't sure I would be able to sail because the day before in St Vincents I stepped on a sea urchin and had about 30 spines in my right heel. I spoke with the cruise nurse and she said they wouldn't be able to remove the spines and said to put vinegar on it and soak my foot. Tammy and my cousins husband spent several hours working on my foot and couldn't remove a single one. Fortunately my foot didn't swell and only felt a bit tender so sailing I went. I sailed in Lac Bay at Jibe City. The wind was on shore and pulsing. I sailed a 6.6 on a 101L Futura, I should have grabbed a 121L board. I was moderately powered and occasionally well powered. It was a beautiful place to sail with turquoise water, white sandy bottom and plenty of windsurfers. Close to the beach is a great place to learn and further out the wind was filled in more and made for some fun sailing. I logged 30 miles on the gps after 2 hours of sailing. Click here for more photos: more photos.

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