Friday, February 1, 2008

Lets see I have some catching up to do. Last Sunday 1-27 a fast moving front came through. Wind prediction was out of the north at 20 but it was hitting 30 and backed off some in the afternoon. I borrowed a 5.0 from Canadian Dave but couldn't get dialed in. Was sailing parallel to the bridge and couldn't get on plane and point upwind. Ended up getting swept under the bridge. I discovered two things. 1) The air seemed a lot warmer but lighter on that side and 2) the water is a lot flatter. This doesn't help much when sailing a sinker board. Canadian Dave swam out and helped drag my sorry butt back in. By this time the wind had dropped slightly, so I rigged a 5.5 and had a great time on the north side. I learned two more things 1) sail on the upwindy side of the bridge and 2) if you screw up you can count on your windsurfing buddies to cheer you on!

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