Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday after I rigged my 7.0 on my 118L board the wind (SE) came up more than I expected. By the time I got out to the House of Refuge and was running with Art and Dorian I had to go into shore and increase down haul and out haul. It was suprising how much better the sail felt considering how hard the wind was blowing. I could have been on my 88L board with a 6.0. We sailed from the pink house south of the spoil island across the channel and back again a few times. I like that run because you can sail within 20 yards of the island in really flat water but then get pounded by the chop in the channel. Then we made shorter runs just south of that in fairly flat water. When I headed back to the causeway the wind had been steadly building and I had to much speed and not much control in the heavy chop. I passed Jerry on the way back and he was enjoying the waves. Dick, Dave M, Fred, Darren, Joel, James, Ron and David were on the water. After I derigged I was taking pictures. Jerry came in and said he was coming down a wave and the dorsal fin of a porpoise passed under his front foot straps! Its amazing his fin didn't hit.

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