Sunday, June 14, 2009

Its been over three weeks since I have sailed at the causeway and Saturday afternoon turned out to be good. I arrived at 5 and rigged an 8.5 on the formula board and had plenty of power. David was there and Dino and Rick showed up later. Wind was out of the SSE and the tide was fairly high. I had two good hours on the water.


James Douglass said...

Yes! I got out yesterday afternoon, too, for the first time in weeks. 8.7, Bic Techno. I think I'm gonna get a formula board, too, since someone I know is selling a decent one for $200. What's the most wide-open, deepest, safest spot in the lagoon for formula fins?

Workin Dave said...

That would be the channel on an east wind. Actually if you launch from the east island and stay north of the first spoil island and east of the channel it is safe for formula fins. See the first map at the bottom of the page.