Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Ho hum day

I missed the wind on Saturday but made it out to the causeway on Sunday. Wind looked good as I drove over the bridge. It was out of the north blowing straight down the river, 7.0 maybe 6.0. I rigged a 7.0 and put on a full wetsuit, it was 65 degrees out. Ron T was rigging a 7.2 and David had just shown up. About the time I am ready to haul my rig out in the water the wind starts to back down. I was out about an hour and could catch some gusts but it wasn't that much fun. I didn't bring my 8.5. My rationale was it wasn't worth freezing to sail a rig that big, so I ended up schlogging with a 7.0??? When I got back to the causeway Ron had come in, David and Andrea were on the water. "Warm water" Dino showed up with his formula board and an 8.5. He didn't go out, I think because he didn't have Ron and I to beat up on.

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