Monday, December 14, 2009

Saturday turned out to be a good day on the water. I missed the higher wind in the morning. I arrived 12:00, rigged a 6.0 and was going to go out on my 118L boad. Then a light ran came thru and everyone who was within a couple hundred yards of the causeway was schlogging. However way out in the distance I could see Art planning at the House of Refuge. I re-rigged with a 7.0 and waited for the wind to fill back in, but I could still see Art planning. It turns out the wind didn't drop much but turned more easterly and the area just south of the causeway was in a wind shadow. So after wasting almost an hour I headed out and once I was halfway to the first spoil island I was nicely powered. I stayed out almost 3 hours and had a great time. Art showed me a nice run that started at Dicks condo and ended, un-nervingly, close to the west side of the second spoil island. What I discoverd later was just as you approached the north tip of the second spoil island the wind was the strongest and the water was very flat. As you initiated a jibe you could feel a surge of speed that kept you nicely powered thru the jibe.
When I got back to the causeway I was beat. Jack and Marion greeted me and Michelle was there as well. He had just finished his journey down from Canada and had beat that huge winter storm! I bet he and Monique are happy to be thawing out in Florida.

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