Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friday 2/5 I was out on a 92L synchro with a 5.0 and had plenty of power. Wind was out of the SE and I sailed out to the House of Refuge. There was a pretty good crowd of windsurfers on the water.
Tuesday the wind was supposed to gust up to 30mph out of the SSE. When I got to the causeway the wind had dropped off some and most everyone had rigged in the 5.5 range. I only had an hour so I rigged for the current conditions with a 7.0. I had to schlog south but once I hit the wind line I was powered up. The wind was out of the south but was clocking around westward and the holes started to get larger and larger. I had a good time, water was fairly flat and when the gusts came in at times I was overpowered.

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