Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Doesn't get any better than this!

Sunday turned out to be the best day on the water. I arrived mid afternoon and rigged a 7.0 as Art was coming in to rig smaller. Ron had his family were there, his son learning on a windsurfer and his wife and daughter on an SUP. Larry was rigging and Brandon had just pulled up as I was heading out. Wind was SE, the sky and water was clear and tide was low. I felt a bit overpowered heading out and the heavy chop wasn't helping. I sailed out to the House of Refuge and as close to Hutchison Is as the sandbars would allow. Larry joined me out there and we had a great time blasting around. Water was flat and we had plenty of speed and then some gusts would come through and turn it up a few notches! Wish I had brought the GPS. I stayed out an hour and a half, it was hard to leave, jibing was sweet. Dino was rigging as I came in and the wind stayed up for him as well.

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