Wednesday, July 21, 2010

SE winds continue to blow

Saturday morning I was out at 9:30 am and sailed the 10.5 just north of the spoil island. It was good, I was nicely powered and the water was flat.
Sunday Dino and I waited for the wind to build and showed up in the afternoon just to watch it fade out completely.
Monday evening when I showed up Dino was out on a 7.2 and the wind was backing off so I rigged the 8.5 and by the time I got out the wind was done.
Tuesday the wind had been blowing steady all day. Dino was out midday on a 7.2 so I was hoping for a good evening sail. When I arrived it didn't look that good. With binoculars I could see good wind at the House of Refuge so I rigged a 10.5. Ernesto showed up and rigged the same. The wind was ESE so we sailed the channel. It was great, water was flat with light boat traffic. By 7:00 the wind was back up and we were ripping up and down the channel.
Looks like higher winds are coming. A tropical wave is over Hispaniola, development is expected with a forecast track straight towards us. Check out the magic seaweed link.

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