Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Another day on a 7.0, how sweet is that? I stopped at the west island and Brandon, Connelly and David D were finishing up. Brandon was out on a 7.5 and he said it was good. On the east island Ron and Larry were derigging and Alex was taking a break. Eduardo was rigging when I got there. I headed down the channel and made it past the first spoil island fairly easily. Earlier in the day Dino mentioned sailing to the inlet so thats were I headed. Boat traffic was light, the wind seemed steady and the tide had just started going out. The closer I got to the inlet the heavy wind seemed to favor the south side and I was really starting to see the current pick up so I headed back. Ran the channel a few times and then went out to the House. It was a great sail, I posted the track above.

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