Monday, August 30, 2010

Hurricane Earl takes over

I guess the weather today and the next few days are under the influence of hurricane Earl. Click on the weather link for magic seaweed and it shows the forecasted track of Earl, looks pretty cool. After work I stopped at the west island and spoke to Dick. He was out on a 7.5 and said it was nice sailing unlike the ups and downs of yesterday. Ron T was out on the water and he was sailing his 7.5. I headed over to the east island and was going to rig an 8.5 because 2/3rds of the way out to the House of Refuge there were no white caps. The wind was blowing E and to the W it was raining and the wind seemed to be backing down. At the last minute I decided to rig the 7.0 and I am sure glad I did. I was suprised how fast I was able to get out to the wind line by the frequent gusts coming threw. I sailed out at the House for an hour and then I had to flatten out my sail. By this time Dino had shown up and I sailed another hour. I wished I had sailed the channel but was to tired to do anything about it. It was a great evening sail.

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