Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Last Sunday the wind came in huge, low 30's gusts to 40, out of the NW. Several sailors were on the water with 3.7's and had it dialed in. I rigged a 4.2 on an axxis 285 and had way to much speed. I came in and put a smaller fin on and then had problems with spin out. Dino, Ron, James and Joel were on the water and seemed to be doing OK. Dino told me later they sailed the south side of the island and it was better. On the way home I stopped by a lake near my home and found the wind to be blowing 19 - 23 across flat water and I had to give it a shot. So I parked in front of the alligator warning sign and rigged a 6.0 on my 118L bic. The runs were kind of short and jibing at either end was nice. But, the gusts that came through in the middle were huge, I did some tail walking and got blown down a few times and then called it quits.

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