Monday, December 13, 2010

Late post for Sunday/Monday

We had two great days last Sunday and Monday. Sunday was warmer, but less windy, more gusty conditions where it was hard to be out on a sinker board due to wind dying to the point where you had to swim until the next gust came. 5.0m was about the right size sail; most of the time.
Once the front went thru Sunday afternoon and wind shifted to the NW, it became windier but cooler. However, it wasn't until Monday that the winds with the gust to 50, as recorded by Jensen site, filled in. I tried using the 5.0m w/95l JP board, but it proved to be way to much too handle. Art tried his 4.6m and he found it to be too much as well. James and Ron were on 4.6m sails with sinker boards and seemed to have a handfull, but both managed. I told Dave about the wind condition and he was going to try and get a session in, but after Brandon told him he was overpowered on 4.7m, he decided against it. I can't recall the last time we had winds that strong. Hope we get some more soon. I'm itching to try my High Tech wave board that was recently repaired by Ron T.

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