Sunday, April 10, 2011

Great Turn Out for the Windsurfing Event at the Sailing Center

Upon arriving at the USSCMC facility on Indian River Drive, I was glad to see how many people showed up for the event. It was obvious that there is an interest in the community for windsurfing. Sailing Center along with Adam Locke and many other volunteers organized a fun event for everyone. There was a swap shop meet in the morning, Adventure Sports from Miami brought up some of their equipment and was giving lessons to the curious crowd, while others were giving the future windsurfers lessons on their windgliders. Coastal Paddle Boarding provided the SUPs for the race and for anyone who wanted to try it. There was a long distance windsurfing race which was won by a promising young windsurfer Jake. Many local windsurfers showed up for the event, and signed up for the membership to support the addition of windsurfing at the sailing center. I was told that windsurfing will be added to the Wednesday night races, which should generate some interest since there is a good crowd of fast sailors in the area who like to race each other. The sailing center will be looking for windsurf instructors, so anyone interested should give them a call. Here is the link for the sailing center for anyone interested

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