Monday, April 18, 2011

Last Weeks Recap

Saturday the wind came in out of the SSE a bit more than predicted. Around 2:00 I went out on a 7.0 and was having a hard time getting up to the House of Refuge because the wind would fill in and then back off. But once I got there the wind came in huge. I flattened out the sail and had a great time sailing in the flat water on the north side of Sail Fish point. I stayed there an hour and got pounded coming back. Once I got back to the causeway I saw a lot of people sailing from both islands.

Friday The wind was out of the SE and I rigged a 7.0 but the wind faded some while I was rigging. I could catch some gusts but it was to much like work. I checked the wind history later and found the wind filled in just after I left.

Thursday the wind was out of the east but it seemed awful light. Ron said I could get going on a 10.5 but I really didn't feel like rigging it. Eventually I did and had a pretty decent time sailing from bridge to bridge.

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