Thursday, March 31, 2011

Two Days of Strong SW/West Winds

James got caught on the North side of the Causeway after the wind completely died off.
Earlier in the day the winds were from the SW gusting to 40 at times. It's not often we get such strong winds and usually they last a bit longer, but with the cold front looming just north of us, the winds started to shift to the W/NW and most of us switched to the north side of the causeway and larger sails.
The SW winds started on Wednesday and while I was on the 7.0m, most used sail was in the 6.0 range. Thursday the winds kicked up a notch and 4.0 - 4.5m was what most of the sailors opted for. I decided to go home and get my sinker wave board, which proved to be a mistake since, by the time I got back, the winds were shifting and the lulls would have made it very difficult to get back to the causeway. After sailing thru the bridge on the 5.0m/92l board, I had a few good runs to the Jensen Bridge and was joined by Art, James, Ron and Canadian Dave who happen to have the correct rig and board, because he was able to plane by me on the few runs we made, while I schlogged thru the lulls. Ron and I rigged the 6 meter sails and made one run when the winds shut off and while Ron was able to barely uphaul his 6.6m sail on his sinker board, James was not so lucky. A boat anchored just off the causeway had a dingy they used to tow James back to shore.

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