Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene

Irene brought some wind to the area. It started late Wednesday with the wind coming out of the east. Ron said he had the whole river to himself except for one kiteboarder. He sailed the north and south side of the causeway and I believe he rigged a 7.2.
Thursday at lunch time I went to the Jupiter inlet and just before I showed up the wind backed down to 16mph out of the NE. John C and another windsurfer, I believe his name was Steve, were on the water. They had rigged 4.2's when the wind was blowing around 35. There was about a dozen surfers in the water, two television vans and an emergency medical unit. The EMT guys must have heard Ron was going windsurfing because he showed up shortly after I arrived. Ron and I decided it would be better to sail at the causeway. Dino, Ron and some others sailed in the afternoon on sails ranging from 4.2 to 5.5. I arrived after work and Mitch was packing up. I rigged a 4.7 on a 88L axxis. I was well powered for an hour and then the wind started developing holes. Charlie, Ernesto and eventually Brandon showed up. I put the 4.7 on a 118L Bic and that worked OK until the wind filled in and then I was out of control.
Friday Ron and Dino rigged 7.2's but could have been on 6.0's. The wind was out of the NW but by the time I got there I had to rig an 8.5 on the formula board. Eduardo, Brandon (the thin one), his wife and friends showed up. It was nice and sunny and a nice way to end the work week.

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