Tuesday, October 11, 2011

We had some huge wind this past weekend. It actually started on the 5th and ended Sunday evening. I sailed on Wednesday evening on the north side of the causeway on a 7.0. There was some nice gusts coming through but nothing like what it was blowing earlier in the day. I could make some nice long runs and point way up the river so it was fun.
Thursday after work it was blowing out of the SE and I had to rig an 8.5 on the formula board. I was a bit dissapointed in sailing formula gear but I was really powered and sailed very close to the House of Refuge. The water was super flat and it was fun.
Friday morning I was at the causeway at 9:30am, it was raining with no wind. I waited over 2 hours and it just started to come up when I had to leave around noon time.
I was in Leesburg Fl Saturday and I got some texts stating that the wind was blowing 40 - 50 mph, thanks Dino.
Sunday I was at the causeway around 1:00pm. I rigged a 5.2 on a 88L board and sailed the south side of the causeway. It was tough getting out but once I got to the House I was WAY overpowered. The sky was heavily overcast and it was drizzling at times. I made some runs and decided to head back because the wind seemed to be getting stronger. I found Dennis along the bank south of Dick's house. He was overpowered on a 4.7 and was taking a break. After I got back to the causeway Art, Dino, Ron, Dorian, Canadian Dave, and some other windsurfers were taking a breather as well. I ended up rigging a 4.7 and sailing the north side of the causeway. Brandon, Joel, Don and Craig showed up. The wind had shifted slightly to the north and the sun strarted coming out. I had some good runs and was suprised how big the waves were just west of the channel.

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