Wednesday, November 30, 2011

For Thanksgiving we were in Ft Myers and I was able to sail the Sanibel causeway. I rigged a 7.0 and used a big fin because the wind was kind of light. I sailed out and around the light house where the kite boarders were, then the wind backed down a lot so I headed back. There was about a half dozen kite boarders out and when I returned to the causeway the same number of windsurfers were waiting for the wind to pick up.
When we returned on Sunday I went down to the Stuart causeway around 2:30. Art and Dino were on the water and Ron showed up shortly after I did. Canadian Dave, Charles and a few others were at the causeway as well. I rigged the same as I did on Sanibel and joined up with Art and Dino out at the "House". I was a bit leary of following Art out in the shallows with a 52cm fin but we had a fun time. I sailed a few hours and then went back out with Ron and pretty much sailed till sunset.

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