Sunday, November 20, 2011

The wind came in huge on friday but with the loss of daylight savings time I missed it. I figured if I got out early on Saturday I could catch some of it because the wind stayed up all night. It was heavily overcast with an occasional drizzle when I was driving to the causeway. Jon was there and Dorian showed up after I arrived. I rigged a 7.0 on my bic and headed up to the House of Refuge. I was fairly well powered and occasionaly would have to hunt for a gust to get back on plane. As the morning progressed the sky was clearing and the wind was building. Around 11:00 I stopped and flattened out my sail some and soon after it seemed like I could be on a 6.0. Art was making his way up as I decided to head back. At the causeway Matt was rigging, Dave and Dave (dad and son) were packing up, Canadian Dave was heading out and Connelly was on the water. Dino showed up as I was leaving. I logged 38 miles on the gps and sailed for 2 hours.

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