Sunday, November 25, 2007

Not quite enough wind!

Expecting high winds, (15 - 20) according to most weather reports, it was disappointing to find little to no wind, unless you had a formula board and a humongous sail. Feeling my usual optimistic self, at least about the wind, I talked Dave into rigging his biggest sail and we set off in search of it expecting at least some planing time. After about 2 hours on the water chasing the ever elusive windy spots on the south side of the causeway, and having planed total time of maybe 5 minutes, we called it quits knowing that we still have a chance to sail on Sunday.

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Workin Dave said...

Hey its nice to see a post from Dino, even though he talked me into rigging a sail when the conditions looked hopeless! Well maybe not hopeless but definately borderline.