Sunday, November 4, 2007

Had a nice breeze come up Saturday afternoon. A lot of people sailing on the causeway. Most sailing 6.5's and it was sunny and cool. I spent most my time at Joes cove and just south of the Jensen causeway. Water was flatter especialy in the cove. With the very high tide there was no problem with the sand bars. Art was up there and seemed to be enjoying himself. Friday late afternoon the wind came up big time after the front pushed through, Dino and Brandon were on 5.0's while I was in a restaurant stuffing my face (again) with Italian food. I shouldn't complain, the family took me out to dinner. Thursday we rigged 6.0's and I was set to have a good time. Wind was cranking and it was mostly sunny. Took off and was out in the channel heading for the sailing center and broke my mast. Had to de-rig, swim to the west island, stow my gear and jog over the bridge to get my vehicle. Turned into a triathalon of sorts!

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