Saturday, November 17, 2007

Friday the wind came in as predicted. So, I took an early lunch and was on the water from 11:10 to 12:30. It was great, rigged a 6.0 and was nicely powered. Wind was out of the NNW skies were clear and it was 60 degrees. On the east and west side of the river the water was fairly flat so it was easy to gybe. Greg (Kawabunga) was on the water when I got there. He got me dialed into the right size sail. When I took off Dick showed up and I saw Greg heading out again, but then I didn't see him anymore. Turns out he broke his fin and when he was heading back his boom broke. I had to stop after an hour, much to my chagrin. Art, Joel, Jerry and Marion were heading out when I came in. I had a great time but wished I could have stayed all day.

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